Anja Montijn and Vincent Moolenaar join NGL International

NGL International is pleased to announce that Anja Montijn and Vincent Moolenaar have joined the NGL Executive Coach network.

Anja Montijn has an exceptional track record as CEO of Accenture Nederland and Global Managing Director Management Consulting Resources at Accenture Plc. At the moment she has taken on roles as Non-Executive Director at, among others, Fugro, OCI, Plan International, JINC, and VEUO.

Anja has in-depth experience in the fields of energy, offshore and construction, IT and technology, business transformations and restructurings. In addition to her credentials in the world of business, Anja also completed a postdoctoral education in Counseling & Coaching at Utrecht University.

What drives me every day is the opportunity to help executives grow real businesses. It starts with identifying breakthroughs in the leader’s personal insights, which in turn enables breakthroughs in the business. In my experience, it is key to assists leaders in the effective implementation of best-practice systems and processes, as these are often either out of reach for the (young) professional, or simply too complex and difficult to implement. Coaching can then accelerate their process towards becoming a more effective and more balanced leader.

Anja Montijn

Vincent Moolenaar has built an impressive career as Senior Executive at Shell International and Ahold Delhaize. His current roles as Non-Executive Director are at Deloitte Netherlands, IDNH BV, Slachtofferhulp Nederland, ProDemos, and the Slot Loevestein museum. He is also Counsel to the Enterprise Court.

In addition to devoting special attention to how people develop, Vincent has also always had a keen eye for purposeful organizational cultures. What matters to him is that the organizational structures facilitate the execution of strategies; that they create a sense of purpose that also boosts performance; that there are clear roles and responsibilities for boards as well as management; and that companies ensure that the proper checks and balances are in place.

“Some of the more memorable and formative moments in my career were triggered by leaders or coaches who, wearing velvet gloves or not, made me aware of either “blockers” or “enablers” (or both) to my further development. Still grateful for these interventions, I would like to leverage this experience by “pay it forward”: helping professionals across industries and career stages to make those invaluable next steps towards ever better leadership.”

Vincent Moolenaar

Bercan Günel is very grateful that these two special people want to use their talents, know-how and experience to coach and aid new leaders: “NGL has a special mission: to offer expert and purposeful guidance to new leaders as they work towards a purpose-led, open, and adaptive approach, aimed at long-term results and focusing on the challenges of today’s world. With Anja Montijn, Vincent Moolenaar, Ron de Mos and Jacqueline Smit, we offer a diverse perspective, putting the knowledge and skills of experienced leaders at the service of a new generation.

At NGL International it is our mission to assist a new generation of leaders in their quest towards success as they steer businesses and society towards a more equitable, inclusive, and sustainable future. We are here to accommodate these leaders in their professional and personal development, and to help them in setting-up, forming and developing effective teams. We also employ effective Executive Assessment tools to help leaders and teams identify personal and operational leadership attributes in order to be able to further build on them.


For more information:
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