NGL International

New Generation Leadership

It is our mission to assist a new generation of leaders in their quest towards success as they steer businesses and society towards a more equitable, inclusive and sustainable future.

We are here to accommodate these leaders in their professional and personal development, and to help them in setting-up, forming and developing effective teams. We also employ effective Executive Assessment tools to help leaders and teams identify personal and operational leadership attributes in order to be able to further build on them.

New Generation Leadership is  about a certain attitude towards life within our social context.  It is purpose led, open and adaptive, focused on sustainable results and aligned with the challenges of our world.

NGL International is a safe haven where the new generation leaders can discover, learn and thrive to step change their personal impact on people, networks and communities. In doing so, we are unconventionally effective: we don’t tell leaders what they want to hear, but what they need to know. Our approach is inspired by a profound sense of idealism: we combine high standards of behavior with honesty and dignity and we strive for diversity by fostering mutual respect and an appreciation of differences.

About us

Curiosity. Courage. Compassion. Connectivity. Consciousness.

At NGL we work passionately to let a new generation of leaders flourish at the top, with an integral approach to executive search, assessments, coaching and leadership development. We do this with flair and finesse, and with a keen eye for balance. You can always expect complete professionalism from us, but also a sincere commitment and humanity. Our holistic philosophy and wide-ranging services make your organization stronger and more effective.

By joining forces, the people at NGL International have brought together a unique and complementary mix of experience, expertise and personalities. We are each other’s sparring partners – and, of course, yours.

NGL International

Critical success factors

Holistic approach

We look at each case from a broad perspective. Leadership is not a phenomenon to be handled separately from organizational purpose and improvement, career development and individual impact. Which is why our assessment comprises the organization, its environment, the team and the candidate. It’s all about getting the full view – a constructive and critical approach to both the company and the candidate.

Diversity as imperative

In today’s world diversity is absolutely essential, every organization has to be an ecosystem of talent and quality. The richer this professional habitat, the more agile and resilient the company. We don’t maintain a separate Diversity Practice. Diversity is an essential part of our work, be it in Search or Consultancy.

People come first

It’s all about people; whether it’s Coaching or Search or Assessments. The secret of success lies not in the place or status, but in the person, as part of the team.

Intensive, long term collaboration

We stand for sustainable commitment and lasting results. Temporary solutions do not serve companies or candidates. NGL International does not chase down once-off vacancies but is instead an expert partner who keeps a critical eye on long term goals.