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One of the keys to good leadership is the age-old maxim: know thyself. But even though you may know yourself, you never see yourself.

To gain true perspective, you need other eyes, another point of view. Eyes that understand your responsibility, intuit your purpose, and acknowledge the complexity of the landscape in which you operate.

Enacting ruthless compassion. Safe haven. Unbiased exploration.

That’s where we come in. The Executive Coaches at NGL are one-of-a-kind. They recognize your story and know the rocky roads you face – because they have traveled down those roads themselves. Our diverse, seasoned coaches have earned their industry’s trust by demonstrating business acumen and courage, and by building a reputation for inclusive, holistic leadership. As coaches, they take the capabilities acquired during a successful career at top-tier organizations and transform their extensive boardroom and supervisory experience into forward-thinking insights that add value to your company and your leadership.

At NGL, we take your business personally. Your coach provides a safe haven where you can discover, grow and thrive. We do this with ruthless compassion, as we believe that today’s challenges require leaders that are brave and conscious, always striving to do the right thing. We also believe that personal and team leadership are intricately connected: to elevate one, you must raise the other. That’s why our unique approach is both individual and team-based. We encourage unbiased exploration and help you and your team develop a balanced, purpose-led, adaptive leadership style – unleashing your potential as you pursue your purpose.

Purpose-led coaching

Meet our executive coaches

The carefully selected team of NGL Executive Coaches are unconventional experts with either personal experience in C-suite roles or with a proven track record as a senior Executive Coach.
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NGL International
Executive Coaching
Critical success factors

Former c-suite executives with impressive backgrounds.

Trusted advisors and unbiased sparring partners for executive leaders.

A thorough and on-spot definition of the coaching scope.