Some of the more memorable and formative moments in my career were triggered by leaders or coaches who, wearing velvet gloves or not, made me aware of either “blockers” or “enablers” (or both) to my further development.
Still grateful for these interventions, I would like to leverage this experience by “pay it forward”: helping professionals across industries and career stages to make those invaluable next steps towards ever better leadership.

“Leadership grows from hindsight, through insight, to foresight.”

Vincent Moolenaar

Supervisory Board Deloitte Netherlands, IDNH B.V., Slachtofferhulp Nederland, ProDemos, and museum Slot Loevestein, Counsel to the Enterprise Court (“Ondernemingskamer”) and other non-executive roles.
Former senior executive at Shell International and Ahold Delhaize. Currently working at Nyenrode Business Universiteit as Business Director Board & Governance programs.

After graduating from Erasmus University Rotterdam in Business Administration, Vincent built an international career in commercial and general management positions at Shell in the Netherlands, Brazil, West Africa, and the United Kingdom. In 2010 he transferred to Ahold as Chief Audit Executive, before leading the global integration of Ahold and Delhaize following their merger. Since 2019 he has developed a broad portfolio of non-executive positions.

Vincent has always invested in the focus area of people development. With passion and dedication, he has assisted young graduates, built high-performing teams, mentored high potentials, and helped to build purposeful organizational cultures. Another key interest is good governance: ensuring that organizational structures facilitate the execution of strategy; creating a sense of purpose that also drives performance; establishing unambiguous roles & responsibilities for both boards and management; and making sure that proper checks and balances are in place.

As a coach, Vincent aims to be a sounding board, striving to develop a mutual understanding of your leadership journey thus far (“hindsight”), jointly analyzing what traits brought you to this point (“insight”), and co-developing scenarios for the further development of your leadership potential (“foresight”). Many executives find themselves on a journey from management to leadership (i.e., from push to pull). Vincent dedicates his energy to enriching your progress on that journey, one step at a time.

Governance and organization

International business dynamics

People development

Business development

Program management

Bridging strategy to execution

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Vincent Moolenaar

“Leadership grows from hindsight, through insight, to foresight."

Jacqueline Smit

“If you blend in, it becomes mediocre”

Ron de Mos

"The key to performance is aligning your 'why', 'strategy, and behavior"

Mariëlle de Macker

“Authentic leadership is where integrity meets influence.”

Saskia Hooft

“An open dialogue is crucial to keep things going”