purpose-driven leadership

We commit to new generation leadership that is purpose-driven in sync with outside world while maximizing performance

Transformation is based on insight: knowing yourself is becoming yourself.

To gain that kind of perspective, you sometimes need a different point of view. You need other eyes. A trusted partner who understands your responsibilities, intuits your purpose, and helps you – with ruthless compassion – to open up pathways to outstanding leadership.

That’s where we come in. The diverse, experienced leadership experts at NGL have each established an inspiring track record by demonstrating business acumen and courage, and by building a reputation for inclusive, holistic leadership. We recognize your story and know the rocky roads you face – because we have traveled down those roads ourselves.

During any interaction with NGL, whether it’s Executive Search or Coaching of the Team, it strikes me every time that I deal with coaches and facilitators who are seasoned formal leaders. Highly personal, driven by excellence and ruthless in their compassion. We move forward and get things done, knowing that it will last. A unique experience.
- COO Benelux of a multinational in energy sector

Ongoing transformation

We are committed to providing perspective and insight to the ongoing journey of leadership transformation. A new generation of leaders is guiding businesses and society towards a more equitable, inclusive, and sustainable future. We aim to be the other eyes they rely on to keep them on their toes as they embrace new responsibilities and opportunities, elevating professionals, teams and organizations to achieve more and be better.

Seasoned specialists

As seasoned specialists in matters of leadership, we understand that the excellence and continued growth of individuals, teams and organizations are inextricably linked. That is why our approach is always holistic and founded on the belief that today’s challenges require leaders that are brave and awake, always striving to do the right thing. We provide a safe haven and encourage unbiased exploration to help you, your team and your company along the transformation towards balanced, purpose-led, adaptive leadership – unleashing your potential as you pursue your purpose.


In your development as a leader, you need moments to properly reflect on your own behavior and its impact on others. My coach has guided me in this, as an excellent adviser. Without her coaching, my own reflections could not have created such an enduring behavior change!
- EVP of a listed telecom company