Whatever makes you go that extra mile, let’s go two

Walter van Kuijen
Founder at Transform2Impact
Former SVP Philips

NGL International
Executive Coaching

I believe in our ability to accomplish anything we are passionate about. As a coach I focus on identifying your purpose, energy and what drives you. We will explore ways how to turn these into effective approaches to inspire, transform and deliver impact for your business, your organization, teams and people; to go the extra mile!

Walter brings over 25 years of diverse leadership experience. Originally trained as a nuclear physicist and in business administration, he has led global businesses and commercial organizations as well as served on global functional and transformational roles. His career took him across the globe, and he lived both in the Netherlands and in the USA.

He has been involved in breakthrough innovation and launching new products, solutions and services to people and markets, with a specific focus on B2B and B2C propositions in Health and Healthcare. Innovation for him reaches beyond the boundaries of technical innovation and includes solutions, partnerships, business and go-to-market models.

In his career Walter also led organizations through challenging times and disrupted business environments. He has extensive experience in the fields of restructuring and integration, acquisitions, (in-) organic and accelerated growth, collaborative value creation, and market driven innovation.
As a leader Walter focuses on uniting people around a common purpose and through personal energy and drive, inspiring them to go the extra mile. His values are anchored in respect, trust, integrity, and making a positive difference towards a healthier and more sustainable planet. In more recent years, as the Head of Global Government and Public Affairs he built partnerships with the broader eco-system, including establishing the Philips Foundation. In close collaboration with non-governmental organizations (such as the Red Cross and UNICEF) and governments Philips has been able to make a difference in changing the lives of those least privileged on this planet.

Recently Walter decided to turn this passion into a mission and founded Transform2Impact. The company focuses on supporting organizations and leaders in identifying purpose, transforming, and making a positive impact in a rapidly changing and ever demanding world. Furthermore, he supports several impact ventures and social enterprises to accelerate their impact.


  • Global business experience
  • High-tech industries
  • Impact focused innovation
  • People centred
  • Corporate responsibility and purpose
  • Partnerships and eco-systems
  • Transformational leadership

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