Perhaps it is more difficult to constantly renew a company than to start something new. For me, renewal – including personal development – and innovation are the core of leadership.
As a leader, one needs to learn set the purpose and the values, to take calculated risks, push for innovation whilst keeping a close eye on customer experience.
It is also important that a leader has an inclusive approach, especially towards her/his own patterns, dynamics, and style. The more inclusive your leadership, the higher the chances that the leader will make an impact.


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“Renewal and innovation are the core of leadership.”

Leni Boeren

Supervisory Board Ohpen (Chair), Air France-KLM, NIBC, Tata Steel, member Capital markets Committee AFM and other non-executive roles

Former CEO Kempen Capital Management and Member Executive Board of Van Lanschot Kempen

Leni Boeren has over 25 years of board experience at multinationals with quite complex structures and business models, including seats on the executive board of the Amsterdam Exchanges, Euronext, the Dutch Fund and Asset Management Association (DUFAS), Robeco Groep, Van Lanschot Kempen and was most recently CEO of Kempen Capital Management.

She is now a dedicated and engaged Non-Executive Member in various companies, mainly focusing on business and leadership transitions. She is often referred to as a powerhouse who is able to get things done while providing leadership and inspiration to all those involved.

Purpose to Strategy to Execution

Boardroom dynamics

Leadership Style and Effectiveness

Business Transformation

Business Development

Finance, Industry, Mobility, Digital sectors

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At NGL we work passionately to let a new generation of leaders flourish at the top, with an integral approach to executive search, assessments, coaching and leadership development. We do this with flair and finesse, and with a keen eye for balance. You can always expect complete professionalism from us, but also a sincere commitment and humanity. Our holistic philosophy and wide-ranging services make your organization stronger and more effective.

By joining forces, the people at NGL International have brought together a unique and complementary mix of experience, expertise and personalities. We are each other’s sparring partners – and, of course, yours.


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Vincent Moolenaar

“Leadership grows from hindsight, through insight, to foresight."

Jacqueline Smit

“If you blend in, it becomes mediocre”

Ron de Mos

"The key to performance is aligning your 'why', 'strategy, and behavior"

Mariëlle de Macker

“Authentic leadership is where integrity meets influence.”

Saskia Hooft

“An open dialogue is crucial to keep things going”