What drives me every day is the opportunity to help executives grow real businesses. It starts with identifying breakthroughs in the leader’s personal insights, which in turn enables breakthroughs in the business. In my experience, it is key to assists leaders in the effective implementation of best-practice systems and processes, as these are often either out of reach for the leader, or simply too complex and difficult to implement. Coaching can then accelerate their process towards becoming a more effective and more balanced leader.

“Strategy, people and processes cannot thrive without leadership.”

Anja Montijn

Supervisory Board Fugro, OCI, and Plan International; JINC, VEUO and other non-executive roles
Former CEO Accenture Nederland

Anja’s focus as a leader takes her straight to the heart of the matter: in everything, it is her priority to promote a sense of balance and happiness in talented leaders. Her razor-sharp strategic and analytical insights cut through the noise and bias, revealing her north star: a dedication to fostering truly meaningful work and joyful accomplishment.

Anja started out as a consulting professional at Accenture, an integrated services provider in the fields of technology, management consulting, and business process outsourcing with more than 300,000 employees worldwide. Over her 25-year tenure at the company, she worked in key positions across a variety of industries. In the last 15 years, Anja’s focus was on different national and international leadership roles in the resources market. Anja was Country Managing Director for Accenture in the Netherlands from 2006-2013. In her last role at the company, she reported to the Executive Committee and was a member of Accenture’s Global Leadership Council.

In addition to her in-depth experience in running a P&L in the services industry, Anja has deep expertise in energy, offshore and construction, IT and technology, business transformations and restructuring. Complementing her track record in the corporate field, Anja also holds a post-doctorate degree in Counselling & Coaching from Utrecht University.

As a coach and confidant of CxO leaders, Anja mainly focuses on their personal and professional effectiveness in leadership, in the context of business purpose and strategy, as well as people and processes.

General management

B2B and Professional services

Digital business and IT

International business development

Bridging strategy to execution

Business transformation

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Vincent Moolenaar

“Leadership grows from hindsight, through insight, to foresight."

Jacqueline Smit

“If you blend in, it becomes mediocre”

Anja Montijn

“Strategy, people and processes cannot thrive without leadership.”

Ron de Mos

"The key to performance is aligning your ‘why,’ strategy, and behavior”

Saskia Hooft

“An open dialogue is crucial to keep things going”