Talk show on diversity at work

In September 2018, Bercan Günel was a featured guest in the well-respected Dutch political talk show Buitenhof.

Together with host Jort Kelder, the panel discussed the latest McKinsey report on diversity in business. The report concluded that if, on average, Dutch women worked as little as 4 hours more per week, it would generate an additional value of €114 billion for the Dutch economy.

Bercan shared her experience and insights, focusing on two main points:

· We need focus and commitment from the government. In practice, this means that the government should exclude from all public tenders any companies that don’t comply to the (extant) law requiring a minimum of 30% women in all participating organizations.

Similarly, the government should revoke public funding and subsidies for companies that don’t meet this minimum threshold of gender diversity.

· We need commercial companies to be visionary and decisive. There are already a number of dedicated companies that perform above average on diversity, like NS (national railway), Accenture, Microsoft, DSM, TU Delft and Schiphol. We also need public companies to understand that real, unwavering commitment by their leadership (i.e., the CEO in person) is a prerequisite of success.

In conclusion, Bercan would like to see both politicians and business leaders stop the endless rounds of analysis on why diversity keeps being a “problem”, and instead take immediate action.