Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten

For over 150 years, the Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten has been an incubator for artistic development and forward-thinking art. The two-year international residency programme offers up to fifty resident artists from all over the world the opportunity to deepen their artistic practices, and to explore new territories in and beyond the art field.

The Rijksakademie provides time, people and possibilities. During the residency, artists engage in an open-ended process where they can question, rethink, and experiment within an interdisciplinary environment. In addition, a variety of technical workshops, a library and an extensive art collection are at their disposal. Working within a highly diverse international artist community, residents benefit from dialogue with one another, as well as with leading art professionals that visit as artistic advisors.

Each year the Rijksakademie’s Open Studios opens up the building for a lively multi-day event where resident artists share their work with a wider audience. More regular opportunities for visitors to connect with the creative life of the Rijksakademie are offered throughout the year through a public programme of lectures, performances and screenings. Besides this, the work of Rijksakademie alumni can be found in biennials, exhibitions and collections, through artist platforms or grassroots initiatives.

The Rijksakademie is financed by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sciences, the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts (AFK), Amsterdam City Council and by the Rijksakademie Trust Fund. Businesses, funds and private parties both in The Netherlands and abroad play an important role as well.

Supervisory Board of the Rijksakademie

The Rijksakademie is a Stichting (Foundation) and has a Supervisory Board (“the SB”) with the  responsibility to supervise the policy pursued by the Managing Director, the Management Board’s performance of its managerial duties and the company’s general course of affairs, taking account of the interests of all the foundation’s stakeholders. In that, the SB advises the general director, brings in expertise, knowledge and network where necessary, approves the strategy and the policies, all major investments, budget and financial statements, appoints the Management Board and ensures that the academy meets all its obligations under Dutch law.

The Board meets at least four times a year.

Currently, the SB of Rijksakademie consists of seven members; experienced professionals with proven record and reputation, passion for development of talent in art & culture, relevant international networks and necessary qualities and competencies for strategic planning.

The members have a background and expertise in one or more of the following areas: education, art & culture, law, entrepreneurship and finance, marketing and communications. Next to diversity in knowledge, experience and expertise, the Rijksakademie also focuses on diversity in age, gender and cultural background. The statutory term of office is four years.

General Profile for members of the Supervisory Board
The Supervisory Board of each institution is collectively responsible and functions as one team, whereby the individual qualities of the members must complement each other.

In general, the members of the Supervisory Board must comply with the following:

•         Ability to think and act on a strategic and tactical level;
•         Good understanding of the unique character of the academy;
•         The members of the Board operate collectively, yet independently and objectively with respect to each other and the management;
•         The advisory and sounding board function for the management should be adequately fulfilled.

In addition to the above more general criteria, each member also meets the following criteria:

•         Has affinity with the vision and motives of the Rijksakademie;
•         Conforms to the rules for “Good Governance”, using the Cultural Governance Code as a guideline;
•         Has a helicopter view, analytical skills and can spar with management based on his/her own professional experience;
•         Has sufficient availability to be able to perform supervisory and advisory tasks as part of a team;
•         Is a team player who actually gets energy from jointly advancing the organization.

All in all, each of the SB’s is a multidisciplinary team that can motivate, challenge and enthuse.

The current composition of the SB of the Rijksakademie is as follows:

Chris Buijink (Chair)
Defne Ayas
Bregtje van der Haak
Constantijn van Oranje-Nassau
Marlies Rohmer
Vinod Subramaniam

Vacancy – two new members for the Supervisory Board of the Rijksakademie

Due to the end of term of the board of two members (one of them has already left), we are looking for two new candidates for the Board.

For both roles, we focus on new generation board candidates with a fresh and contemporary approach to the role of the SB.

Next to the aforementioned general quality requirements, we are specifically looking for;

·         One member is preferably an artist. Highly conceptual and inclusive thinking towards the development of his/her field is expected. International recognition in their field. Familiar with Dutch and international cultural landscape. This member is keen on artistic development and possibly/continuously contributes to their academic field, for example, by delivering public talks, publishing articles, or presenting at specialist academic conferences;

·         One member with established business/entrepreneurial background and a clear affinity with the development of art and artists. This member has thorough experience in financial strategy and management. They are also actively involved in (the development) of art/culture in various forms.

Further information

For more information and consultation, please contact:
Nadine Janssen
NGL International
020-705 89 10