Newsletter – December 2020

When we imagined ourselves building bridges while walking on them, we could not imagine that this truth would strike us in all its dimensions.

It’s all coming together at once: a tumultuous time, rapid transformation, a deep desire for anticipation, the importance of our health and vitality, operating in the middle of a very thin line between vulnerability and determination. We move, we stand still, look back and forward, we operate, we draw lines, we learn  and above all we survive while working on our impact.

We are happy and feeling content to have been able to help and stand by many of you during these special times.

As a year-end reflection, we would like to share two of our favorite pieces with you:
. Just a couple of weeks ago, most of you witnessed a very inspiring personal conversation with Feike Sijbesma. We have prepared a recap of this conversation with the most energizing moments.
. The cliché is the truth: health is the most important thing in life. Gijs de Vries explains further.

We wish you a very joyful holiday season and a happy new year!

“Leadership needs to be based on insight” – Feike Sijbesma

On 24 November 2020, we were proud to welcome Feike Sijbesma, former CEO of DSM, to an interactive online meeting. We touched upon many different subjects, but the thread that connected everything was our exploration of Feike’s insights into leadership in changing times. And while Feike shared many inspiring learnings on his experiences in business, the meeting felt more like a personal conversation.

Please find our retrospective and videos here.

Having a healthy lifestyle has always been important, but the Covid-19 pandemic has put into stark relief just how essential it is for the very fabric of our society. We urge leaders to initiate a “CO-FIT” program in 2021 – for themselves and for their companies. With the 10 energizers, it’s easy to start on a path towards a fitter life, with more balance and relaxation, and with a healthy sense of perspective and social cohesion… Read more.