Newsletter September 2018

New website – NGL International

While it is our main mission to assist the new generation leaders in their quest towards success, we felt the need to simplify and clarify our own quest by sharing our activities in a more concise manner.

Our full range of services is now captured on one website, that, in a way that gives us the possibility to show our holistic approach where Assessments, Coaching and Search are an integral part of our business

Please do have a look at and let us know what you think.

New Campaign

On the website, you will notice our new statement for our Executive Search activities: We’ll find her / We know her / #AllowChange.

You might be thinking ‘What is this all about? Is this new and holistic leadership or is this just diversity?’
And you’re right.

The fact is that diversity is such an excellent example of why we need to transform continuously. So, that’s why we thought: let’s start with the most obvious message. In order to become more diverse, “the leader” needs to start thinking and behaving differently him-/herself. Act more daring, show personal commitment and be consistent.
Hence, we start with We’ll find her / We know her.

We will subsequently build on it in the next 9 months to #AllowChange to encompass the transformation. Wait for it…


You think you don’t need a Coach… think again

– a blog by Simone Noordegraaf, Member Advisory Board NGL and CEO iPEC Europe

We live, work and play in an ever-accelerating world. A fascinating and complex world, where I do not always feel the freedom to take time to rest, sit back and reflect. Fully connected to this world, it is difficult to create space and set boundaries for reflection. Driven by influences both inside and outside of ourselves, we stay busy all the time. Recently, I was listening to a lecture from the Happiness Studies Academy, it hit me again how vital taking space and time for reflection are, especially in our fast-moving and hyper-connected world. read further


Talkshow on diversity

In September 2018, Bercan Günel was a featured guest in the well-respected Dutch political talk show Buitenhof.

Together with host Jort Kelder, the panel discussed the latest McKinsey report on diversity in business. The report concluded that if, on average, Dutch women worked as little as 4 hours more per week, it would generate an additional value of €114 billion for the Dutch economy.

Bercan shared her experience and insights, focusing on two main points: read further

Our mission is to assist a new generation of leaders in their quest towards success as they steer businesses and society towards a more equitable, inclusive and sustainable future.