Newsletter September 2017

Simone Noordegraaf at NGL International

With great enthusiasm, we would like to introduce Simone Noordegraaf as our  new Advisory Board member. Simone succeeds Pamela Boumeester. Pamela has been a great support and sparring partner to us as well as a great source of continuous inspiration and reflection. We are very grateful to her.

In her LinkedIn profile, Simone introduces herself as a results-oriented and highly versatile finance executive with a proven record of increasing revenue, controlling costs and guiding companies through substantial change. That’s all true. However, we also admire her for her creativity, her focus on “people” and “contemporary leadership”, her drive for perfection and her positive outlook.
More info on Simone can be found here.


Bhutan, an impressive journey that keeps on working…

“My Bhutan experience with this group was an unforgettable spiritual and mindful experience. A recommendation for every leader who is longing for new inspiring and meaningful leadership.”

This is a personal as well as a collective journey, embracing  individual transformation, creating joint connectivity, gaining private insights and inner feelings. 8 days of reflection, close encounters, compassion and mindfulness.
We have started with gathering a new group for April 2018.
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Roeland van Vledder is Executive Coach at NGL Coaching

After more than 30 years as an executive in the financial industry (ING, Fortis, ASR), Roeland decided to work independently as a supervisor, board member and executive coach. His personal drive is to help executives to excel in complex corporate environments, while preserving their authenticity and balancing private and business life. Success and happiness should go hand in hand. With listening, asking questions and confronting Roeland helps others to find their answers.
Would you be willing to have Roeland or another experienced leader beside you, please do contact us.

More info on Roeland can be found here.


Healthy leadership – Mens sana in corpore sano

 “… “New Generation Leaders” are in fact top athletes who need to organize their support. And an executive coach might actually be the most important check to maintain the executive’s balance… ” Again an excellent article by Wim Dufourné.
NGL – Executive Coaching serves exactly that purpose. You don’t need to wait until you have a “problem” or an “issue” to work on. An experienced leader (who has seen it, done it, been there) is here to challenge you, to support you and to give you feedback, so that you can grow, learn and accomplish whatever it is you want to accomplish.