New Generation Executive Coaching

In today’s world, leaders have to deal with a multitude of issues;

  • Continuous transformation combined with a significant pressure on meeting stakeholder expectations;
  • Skills required to lead an organisation are different to the skills acquired on the journey to the top;
  • Organisations are getting flatter, thus less time and opportunities to prepare for the challenges on the top;
  • Personal and professional development.

These challenges are often assumed to be a personal burden for the leader. But engaging high-profile, independent external coaches can make a considerable difference and accelerate the learning process.

Highly experienced coaches of a new generation

Driven by our purpose, we have gathered a team of seasoned leaders as coaches who all share our purpose. All of our coaches are unconventional experts. They have personal experience in C-suite roles, or have a proven track record as a senior executive coach with either a thorough coaching education or a background in psychology. They also share a common set of ideals regarding leadership and an ability to think laterally and without boxes. Our coaches serve our coachees by assisting them in maximising their own potential and becoming the new generation leaders they aspire to be. They combine high standards of integrity with honesty and dignity and strive for diversity by fostering mutual respect and an appreciation of differences.


The right coach for you

Our coaches are renowned for their personal intimacy coupled with an appropriate balance between the speed and quality of their clients’ personal development. They love to listen carefully, probe and challenge, which normally leads to deep insights and ultimately to the desired personal transformation.

Our initial assessment of the individual development needs is a thorough and rigorous exercise which forms the basis for the best possible match between coachee and coach.

Our primary goal is to create a thought-provoking and creative context that inspires the coachees to maximise their personal and professional potential.

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