Masterclass: Purpose-Led Leadership

Masterclass: Purpose-Led Leadership

A sense of purpose, strong personal values and a willingness to take responsibility. In my experience, these are the cornerstones to evolving excellent leadership, and these are the cornerstones I rely on in our Executive Coaching and Executive Search activities at NGL International.

I recently had the privilege to listen to the insights and stories of Tom Middendorp, the former Chief of Defense of the armed forces of the Netherlands. As he was talking about military leadership, I recognized those same cornerstones in his experiences, insights and perspectives. What makes the military an excellent operational machine is not its classic “chain of command” structures, but imbuing a common purpose. Not casually or half-heartedly, but as if the life of every individual depended on it – which it does. In Tom’s stories, matters of life and death dictated the group’s common purpose. An excellent example of new leadership!

Inspired by these experiences, we have jointly developed a unique three-day program that addresses the key challenges and opportunities in implementing business transformation. During this masterclass, four faculty members will share their insights and experiences with senior leaders who want deepen to their purpose and their leadership.

The faculty consists of: Tom Middendorp, who has lived with purpose-led leadership for 38 years of his life; Pascal Hogenboom, who was trained according to these principles and has successfully adopted them in his business career; Oscar David, who has researched and authored many articles and books on how to best deal with power; and myself.

The “Purpose-Led Leadership” program is presented by TIAS, which is recently announced by Financial Times to be the best Business School in The Netherlands.

The overall aim of the program is to aid your company’s transformation through the key realization that everything starts with you as a leader. The program’s first run will be from 27-29 November in the Netherlands. We look forward to welcoming you there!

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