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Gijs de Vries
Chair Supervisory Board Erasmus MC, Arbo Unie, TNO and others
Former Managing Partner EY Advisory and CEO Red Cross

NGL International
Executive Coaching

My personal belief is “if you listen to your heart, it beats”.  Coaching takes two to tango. With my enterprising and energetic approach, we find out what impedes and motivates people. Together we take a deep dive in the impact of true passion and the importance of energizers and vitality. Coaching is a journey to explore the essence of yourself, what’s makes you really tick.  And how to optimize skills, experiences, creativity, innovation, wisdom, calmness, humility and humanity in our continuous changing world and organizations.

Gijs has more than 30 years of experience in the field of strategic planning, policymaking, process improvement, consultancy and interim management for organisations in the healthcare sector and at professional service firms including board member positions. He has been dealing with and leading complex stakeholder environments. His style of working is characterised by a mixture of innovation, creativity and inspiration; always on the lookout for ways of bringing people and organisations together. With storytelling from your heart.

His ultimate achievement within his consultancy life was the development and implementation of a new finance system for the Dutch hospitals. At that time the most prestigious project in the health care sector (called DBC). Afterwards, he was in Capgemini’s board of directors responsible for sales and marketing. In EY, he became responsible for consulting services and acted as board member. Finally, the last 4,5 years of his career, he was the CEO of the Dutch Red Cross and realized a turnaround to a more business-oriented organization. The Red Cross achieved a steady position in the top 5 of most inspirational organizations in the Netherlands. This period implied much enrichment in his life.

In the next phase of working life, Gijs focusses on coaching, special projects and non-executive roles. He is chairman of several organisations like Erasmus Medical Centre, TNO – Innovation for life, SASS Achmea (organisation for victim support), the national association for cancer In the Netherlands (IKNL) and in the occupational health (Arbo Unie). He executes special projects, such as an assignment for the ministry of Education, Culture and Science and the ministry of Social Affairs to explore the possibility of a digital platform for a lifelong learning for all employees in the Netherlands. This feasibility study investigated possible public-private cooperation options. During the COVID-19 crisis he developed a disaster prepardness plan for  special Intensive Care Respiratory units commissioned by the ministry of Health.


  • Consultancy
  • Health/Wellness
  • Government and NGO’s
  • Strategy and Innovation
  • Leadership & Conflict Management
  • Energy management & vitality

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