“Everybody is an innovator” – Tanja Dik

Customer Experience starts with People Experience; that’s the starting point of Tanja Dik. With her wide experience in the entertainment industry as former Managing Director at Stage Entertainment, and current responsibility in the Aviation industry as Director Consumer Products & Services, Schiphol Group, Tanja knows how to reach and move the customer; one of the main challenges of our current VUCA times.

For us, it was an honour to have Tanja as our guest speaker at our fifth meeting of the Transformation Dialogues, where we could hear her reflections on why and how she developed her passion for customers, accelerating societal and digital trends, and what true customer experience means to a successful organization as Schiphol Group.



It’s about customer journey and the stories behind

Tanja shared her focus on every touchpoint where the customer can make their choices. This concerned the choice for the journey until they go home, the whole journey they have towards the airport, on the airport etc.

“I think four of five years ago, when I started there, people could go to a restaurant and just have their food because they want to have an encounter with their families or with their business partners. It’s now about a lot of people want to know what’s behind the food in a restaurant. People want to understand where our products come from. They want to have a storytelling. So, it’s not only about building restaurants and building new concepts and shop-in-shops, but also having a story to tell, which really comes close to personal purposes of people travelling.”

Customer experience starts with people experience
For Tanja, the theory of the EX (Employee eXperience) before PX (Product eXperience) is not only a theory. To her, the passion and true engagement with the customer starts with engagement of people on the work floor, within the working environment. The sense of belonging, the possibility to learn and to grow leads to that ‘sparkle’. If you can feel the sparkle in your working environment, you can also bring the sparkle to the end customer. “


Embracing change is the key to transformation

To conclude Tanja’s drive to transform goes beyond understanding the market and understanding the reaction of people working in it. It’s about making people understand that if they want to get to speed up, they first have to embrace change. That also means you can’t make a new innovation or the best new step if you don’t dare to fail. So, it’s not only about embracing change, but also embracing mistakes. Celebrate mistakes is essential to learn and to grow.

We look back on a very inspiring and insightful dialogue and would like to take this opportunity again to thank Tanja for sharing her vision and her transformation with us.

The next Transformation Dialogues will be at May 12, 2020. Bercan Günel will then interview Casper de Nooijer, CEO Audax.

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