BHUTAN, an exclusive Executive Leadership Journey

A once-in-a-life-time experience


Possible dates: 2nd of November 2018 – 10th of November 2018


“My Bhutan experience with this group of executives was an unforgettable spiritual and mindful experience. A recommendation for every leader who is longing for new inspiring and meaningful leadership.”
– Esther Talboom, Chairman Board of Directors, Saltro

“I had a truly great trip with all ingredients that make a trip great: the wonderful company: 8 very successful and inspiring women each with her own story; Bhutan as a very unusual Buddhist country with a very authentic character and very accessible people as well as  a beautiful nature and culture combined. All of these made the trip very inspirational. I can recommend this trip to anyone.”
– Annelies van der Pauw, Partner, Allen & Overy

“An impressive journey that keeps on working.”
– Elfrieke van Galen,  Partner, TheRockGroup


Gross National Happiness

Situated on the outskirts of the Eastern Himalaya’s. Landlocked between the two fastest growing and giant economies of the world. A country that opened its doors only in the year 2000.
One of the smallest economies in the world but totally committed to Gross National HappinessWhere Buddhism is not a religion but a way of ‘being’.
When we think of Bhutan, we think of: mystery, transformation, nature, serenity, untouched beauty, and above all happiness.

We would love to let you experience it.


Reflection through close encounters

This is not just a regular sightseeing trip.
This is a personal as well as a collective journey, embracing individual transformation, creating joint connectivity, gaining private insights and inner feelings.

8 days of reflection, close encounters, compassion and mindfulness.


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