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What’s next?

Many seasoned professionals wonder “What’s next?” as they approach the final chapter in their careers. These aspiring CxO’s find that the traditional career ladder cannot provide the answers anymore. What’s next when you don’t know what’s next is a question worth exploring.
Here’s some for thought.

News from NGL International – January 2020

News from NGL – January 2020 –
Communication is the glue that holds together an organization’s culture—and during the Covid crisis, digital communication has skyrocketed. In her new blog post, NGL’s Jacqueline Smit explores what has the pandemic shown us about how we connect, and about the nature of leadership.

News from NGL International – December 2020

News from NGL – December 2020 –
It’s all coming together at once: a tumultuous time, rapid transformation, a deep desire for anticipation, the importance of our health and vitality, operating in the middle of a very thin line between vulnerability and determination.

Leadership in good and challenging times

On 24 November 2020, NGL was proud to welcome Feike Sijbesma, former CEO of DSM, to an interactive online meeting. We touched upon many different subjects, but the thread that connected everything was our exploration of Feike’s insights into leadership in changing times.