Do you really need a Diversity Consultant?

The answer is “Yes”, however, there are prerequisites:
1. It only works when the CEO (himself or herself) is committed to make a difference.
2. The CEO is ready to execute dared decisions (with the necessary tact) and is able to be consistent on the medium/long-term.
3. The CEO is willing and is able to intervene in the daily processes of the organization.
4. The organization is percipient to the fact that diversity is a strategical decision, not a cultural intervention – when diversity is not in the DNA of the culture, we don’t speak of intervention, we speak of revolution.
5. The organization (starting with the CEO) is aware and willing to adjust/change at least the half of the current HR procedures – as this isn’t cosmetics; this is heart surgery.


‘That’s good enough’ or in proper Dutch ‘We hebben al een vrouw’


'We hebben al een vrouw'More than 60% of people believe that their company is already doing what it takes to improve gender diversity while the progress toward equality in the workplace continues to be slow—and may even be stalling. 

As you have probably guessed already, implementing diversity is not about creating activities or organizing trainings for the management. Diversity works when it is enclosed in the heart of the organization.

Time to take responsibility and time to book results.