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Bhutan - Gross National Happiness, and why it is relevant

Wim Dufourné is just back from a Leadership Journey to Bhutan. In this article, he shares his experiences and reflects on his impressions of this beautiful country.

The Art of Listening

When’s the last time that you really listened to someone who was telling you something you disagreed with?

U.S.A. Presidential Elections – Lessons in Leadership

Making your dreams come true, not at all costs or for the sake of winning, requires an ability to listen to others.
Opzij top 100

Opzij TOP 100 | José van Dijck de meest invloedrijke vrouw van 2016

Please note the following post is in Dutch.

Ceci n’est pas un supplier

Not long ago, I met with the CEO of an international company based in the Netherlands. It started off well enough.

Technologie is uit, filosofie is in

Please note the following post is in Dutch.

Leadership Olympics

Are you also following the Olympics? Exciting stuff isn’t it? The greatest athletes from all over the world competing in a country that’s broke.
Talent versus dedication

Talent versus Dedication

The European Football Championship 2016 is already a couple of weeks behind us. Time enough to reflect on what we experienced.