Looking for a
new generation CEO? CFO? COO? CHRO?

Look beyond your own circle.

NGL International
Executive Search

Driven by our purpose, we are keen networkers who connect leaders and organisations. We help companies attract a new generation of leaders who can take teams and boards to a next level. What we offer goes beyond mediating introductions and placements.

Our team is committed to making each placement a lasting success, which is why a tailor-made on-boarding programme is included in all our Executive Search assignments.

Diverse Change Personal Engage .

Focus on C-level

We focus on C-level and C-1 and C-2 positions primarily for multinationals, including Dutch subsidiaries of multinationals, and Dutch local companies with large volumes and >1000 employees. In some cases, the organisation itself may be smaller, but with an above-average market impact.


We have particular exposure in ICT, Telecommunications, Financials, Energy (both traditional as well as renewable), Chemicals, Industry, Consultancy, Construction and various B2B services, but we don’t try to create exposure through specialisation.


Last but not least, we have ample experience in functional expertise areas such as Human Resources, Finance, IT, Digital commerce, Operations, Marketing & Sales and Supply Chain.

We are also very strong on Non-Executive Search, for multinationals, local companies and not-for-profit institutions.

The 5 Key elements of our search process:

NGL International
Executive Search
Critical success factors

For us, it’s personal

  • It is more than a business; it’s part of our quest to help organizations and leaders excel
  • Intimate partnership throughout the search and onboarding process
  • Focus on leaders with a moral compass, a sense of purpose and a clear vision.

Unrivaled diverse network

  • Unrivaled network of top women in the Benelux and Germany
  • Direct access to candidates with diverse cultural backgrounds
  • A keen eye for unusual suspects (“wild cards”)

Onboarding program is an integral part of the whole process

  • A-one-year onboarding program to ensure a long-lasting result
  • Accelerate performance and impact
  • Former executives are involved to ascertain a smooth landing

“Social connection, responsibility

and the role of the companies."

A dialogue between Herna Verhagen and Herman Tjeenk Willink


Looking for
a new generation

Look beyond your own circle.


"It all begins with a common purpose"

- Stephanie Miller, CEO Intertrust


Ruthless compassion
by former executives.


“Engagement of people is the key”

- Jo Maes, CEO Ordina