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Saskia van Walsum

Saskia’s focus is to help leaders translate their mission into impactful behaviour and outcomes based on conscious and value-based leadership. That requires openness and courage, to get close to the heart of what matters. And to act upon it – in connectivity. Using intuitive wisdom is an essential ingredient. Energy will flow, transitions will happen.

Walter van Kuijen

I believe in our ability to accomplish anything we are passionate about. Explore ways how to turn these into effective approaches to inspire, transform and deliver impact for your business, your organization, teams and people; to go the extra mile!

Bedrijfscultuur versus diversiteit

Culture determines the soul of the organization, determining the life and the experience of all involved; from management, employees, to all stakeholders, that needs nurturing. But, what do you do when that soul is not inclusive? – a column in Dutch by Bercan Günel at MT.nl