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Jacqueline Smit

My coaching is based on my own path in mind and the strong belief that we need people who stand out. Together we look at the barriers or patterns that makes leadership ineffective and average. The added value for the company thrives on authentic and intrinsic motivated people.

Masterclass: Purpose-Led Leadership

A unique three-day program that addresses the key challenges and opportunities in implementing business transformation. During this masterclass, four faculty members will share their insights and experiences with senior leaders who want deepen to their purpose and their leadership.

Annelies van Zutphen

Strong strategical insights converted to leadership and to implementation. Annelies knows how to help a leader to stay on the path.

Gijs de Vries

“If you listen to your hart, it beats.” Optimize your skills, experiences, creativity, innovation, wisdom, calmness, humility and humanity in our continuous changing world and organizations.

Roeland van Vledder

How do you excel in complex corporate environments, while preserving their authenticity and balancing private and business life? According to Robert success and happiness should go hand in hand.

Harry van Dorenmalen

Increase your impact; in your organization and in the society. Personal branding is a tool to unlock your potential. Harry focusses on the total picture.

Simone Noordegraaf

Open and honest dialogue about your drivers and blocks to deliver your best work. With Simone, you will travel into your internal world and the world around you to design and deliver radical change.

Trust is a non-issue from square one

Do you need to feel a safety net to operate in, and are you waiting for the team to provide it? Is it a matter of having confidence in your own abilities and performance? Why do you need to feel that safety net before you can open up yourself?

Newsletter September 2018

New website NGL | Our new campaign | You think you don’t need a Coach… think again – blog by Simone Noordegraaf | Talkshow on diversity

Talk show on diversity at work

In September 2018, Bercan Günel was a featured guest in the well-respected Dutch political talk show Buitenhof.

Together with host Jort Kelder, the panel discussed the latest McKinsey report on diversity in business. The report concluded that if, on average, Dutch women worked as little as 4 hours more per week, it would generate an additional value of €114 billion for the Dutch economy.